Class "A" and Truck & Coach Technician, 30+ years


Automotive Technician

AlphaTech has been certified and licensed as both class "A" technician, and Truck & Coach techician.

It just makes sense to trust your classic/vintage car, truck, or motorcyle to an industry professional that has been doing this for 30+ years. Contact AlphaTech for your engine/transmission/chassis/suspension needs.

Truck & Coach License: 400125365

Class "A" Technician License: 400125236



motor coaches, heavy trucks and truck-trailers.

Detecting and diagnosing operating problems in frames and steering mechanisms, engines, transmissions, brakes, ignition, axles, fuel systems, engine management systems, suspension systems, electrical/electronic systems, emission control systems and air conditioning/refrigeration systems.

Adjusting, overhauling, repairing and reassembling engines, transmissions, clutches, rear ends, differentials, brakes, drive shafts, axles and other assemblies.


** Please note the services above would be performed out of city, and require you to allow myself permission to bring your vehicle to my work space located in Burlington, ON, or have you drop off vehicle there. **